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Tia van Dijke is born 1950 in Eindhoven.

From 1970-1975 she is following a study sculpture at the academy St, Joost in Breda, with Jan Gladines. After she finished her study she has done one year of glass investigation at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam, with Mr. Siebren Valkema. After that she decides to stay in Breda. The Bkr announced itself. (The city buys her art work.)
She makes use of this regulation from 1977-1986 and after 1986 it is abolished. This regulation makes it possible for her to travel to Italy and work there in marble and bronze. It is this place, where the sculpturing in marble is already executed for ages near the marble quarries. Where all marbles of the world are brought together to be sold, near Carrara. Marbles that lies here in big and small pieces, kinds and colors, the white marble appears her as eye-candy. From 1981 till 1986, she lives and works in Italy as in the Netherlands.
Back in The Netherlands she follows a private study in the anatomic laboratory in Utrecht with professor van Doornmalen, she was allowed to make paintings of preparations and she is doing this until 1987. After that, she becomes a mother and has a studio at her house.

Sculptures, which are bought via the Bkr., are sheltered by lending-art Sbk.
An amount of sculptures are in private possession, at home and abroad.

Work description:
The sculptures are made of gleaming- en dark bronze, wood, marble and combinations of diverse materials.
Each piece is a challenge by new shapes investigation and different technical solutions. The shape can be abstract and figurative a representation of thoughts and expressions of the soul, as well personal as universal. Through her sculptors she follows her own life process. Searching for balance and beauty, the creative process, through which she is surprised ever again.
Making sculptures, as carefully as possible. With the confidence, that what she makes will be recognized by others.
She has a style that moves meditative with the eye for detail.


From her 13th she knew that she wanted to become a sculptor. She started with drawing and painting. It would endure till the second year of St. Joost before she really made her first sculpture .Motivation is the love for art and especially for sculptures, to be able to be busy with it. She developed her craftmanshaft by making continually, new sculptors in ever other materials. The profession of sculpture has an enormous scale of possibilties, as well qua shape as material and techniques.

The sculpture "Hand met elfje" is used on the cover of the book of the art manifestation Icarus in 2004, organized by Boa art-organisation, Breda. The sculpture "Dwaallichten" is chosen as prize by the as best called undertaker of 2009 by The Chamber of Commerce in Breda.
From 2007-2010 she was active member of art collaboration "Boa" Breda, in 2010 and co-organizer art route Ginneken.

Sculptures: varying from 10 cm. to 200 cm.
Sculptures are unique in its kind and in limited edition.
She works also in commission, in consultation.